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JAC Vapour - Smart PCC starter kit (SMARTEST)

Smart PCC starter kit Smart PCC starter kit
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Starter kit for the Smart PCC (portable charging case). The Smart PCC is a good looking, tough and practical charging case, with a rubberised coating and a traditional cigarette packet size. A good all round case that's reliable and will suit light to heavy vapers.

This kit only works with the 62-65mm batteries

Kit Contents:

  • 1x Smart PCC - The PCC is a good looking tough rubberised design
  • 1x usb lead
  • 1x mixed bungs pack -these are for marking different flavours in carts or customising the ecig.
  • 1x battery (choice of colour), 2nd optional battery
  • Additional V3i coloured tips
  • 5x cartomsiers or refills (choice of flavour and strength)
  • 1x secondary usb charger (optional)
  • 1x usb to mains wall plug (optional)
  • 1x ecigarette manual
  • 1x Magnetic white box (this is the packaging)

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