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Who developed XMS Systems

Let XMS Systems worry about the inner workings of your websiteDuring the couple of years that we are involved with web application development and hosting, we have came across many clients that wants to manage their own content but that are not interested in the steep learning curve of the usual content management systems. Nor were they interested in the issues of keeping the CMS up to date with the latest security fixes or interested in visiting countless forums to try and keep their CMS working and secure.

Not every one have the time or ability to learn how to manage a website using a complex content management system. Thats where XMS Systems comes in.

For starters it is a complete on-line presence solution that includes:

  • domain registration and management
  • full industry standard hosting
  • industry standard email
  • complete content management
  • site menu management
  • allows for member registration and management
  • integrated news lists
  • loads of add-on modules...

We developed the XMS application to make it a easy as possible for our clients to manage their content as well as allow us to develop custom modules that fits seamlessly into the application.