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Multilingual XMS Systems - Development Platform


What to expect from XMS Base System  

The XMS Systems base System will give you a fully functional website covering 99% of the average website needs and comes standard with the following pages to get you started:
  • Main Landing pages
  • About us page
  • Contact Us page with email form and full address if needed
  • Multiple mailing lists
  • Photo Gallery with unlimited categories
  • Useful link section with unlimited categories
  • Unlimited File downloads with unlimited categories
  • Unlimited pages you can add yourself
  • Fully editable menu
  • Mobile First approach, so your website will look good on any device
  • Unlimited admins with multiple access levels
  • Limited access to non registered members
  • Multiple access levels for registered members

The blocks below is an example of the means to insert custom content blocks, or even custom scripts that can be inserted into the page wherever you want them.
Only requirement is that the code block or script needs to be hosted on your own hosting account.

Scripts on a different account needs to be inserted using the old standard iframe way.