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Eat your colors!


Bright red tomatoes, summer squash (in lots of colors), delectable eggplant, onions, peppers and fresh thyme combine to make an easy french staple: Ratatouille! Serve with crusty bread and maybe a bit of cheese on the side.


Sweating the eggplant


To degorge or not to degorge, is often the question of home cooks. Do you spend those extra 30 minutes to salt and drain the egg plant? It takes no time, and makes a world of difference.

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Jerusalem Artichokes


Not your average artichoke, the Jerusalem Artichoke are the sunflower's underground, edible tuber. Prepare it much as a you would a potato: boiled, braised or fried.

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Your veggie basket is ready!


Don't forget to stop by [CLIENTS.ADDRESS] to pick up your vegetable basket!

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Try something a little different with your corn this year: when husking your corn, keep the outer husks as intact as you can, and remove the silk...

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Remove the thick ribs, and you get a vegetable that's surpringly similar to spinach but with more resistance - great for curries, creamed greens...

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Summer squash


The best way to prepare summer squash is to eat it raw!


Add it to your salads sliced or grated.

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Skewer your asparagrus, add oil or butter and place it on the grill. Cook for 3 to 4 minutes per side, directly on the grill.

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Potato salad is pretty epic: it's a salad that's actually a side dish, and has international incarnations.

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